Changing the Market for Green Power


Renewable Power Direct provides corporate and institutional buyers medium term wholesale contracts for the power generated from proven renewable energy projects.

By offering customers a practical and economical way to buy green electricity, Renewable Power Direct allows companies to manage their energy needs while also meeting corporate sustainability goals. The wholesale purchase model of Renewable Power Direct also greatly expands the potential funding base for constructing additional renewable power facilities

Renewable Power Made Easy

Today, most prospective green electricity buyers have no practical way to directly buy the actual power generated by wind, solar or other renewable projects even in “deregulated” states where customers may select their own electricity supplier. That makes a company’s renewable electricity choice dependent upon the mix of green power supplied by their local electric utility or through the blending of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) with non-green power.
To truly assure green power is used, a company must either: (a) install renewable generating facilities on their own site (e.g. roof-top solar); or (b) commit to a long term (often 20 year) power purchase agreement (PPA) with an off-site generator. Either way, companies must then spend time and effort to manage the variable nature of renewable power, which requires skills and systems to schedule and balance generation and usage. These drawbacks put using green power out of reach for most companies, despite its acknowledged commercial and environmental benefits.

To make purchasing and using green power easy, Renewable Power Direct has designed a practical alternative to both on-site generation and off-site PPAs. We provide wholesale renewable power based on three to ten year contracts for renewable power units (RPUs) that reflect each customers pricing and volume requirements. Each RPU includes one Megawatt hour of electricity and one associated REC. All RPUs are derived from a pool of proven renewable energy projects that Renewable Power Direct options from its renewable generation partners.

This customized approach gives buyers the price benefits of utility-scale, wholesale PPAs for renewable energy, but without the high transaction and management costs, or the need for a long term commitment.

To further simplify the process, RPD‘s contracts can also be integrated with a company’s existing electricity supply (as well as its current retail supplier) to ensure the seamless and balanced delivery of green power. Every Renewable Power Direct agreement links a customer’s annual green electricity purchase directly to the output of a specific renewable electricity project. This drives additionality and provides related project sponsorship opportunities (e.g, project specific customer branding capabilities).

The Minds Behind RPD

RPD is currently in start-up mode. The enterprise is being incubated by the American Clean Skies Foundation, a Washington D.C. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working for clean energy. Skipping Stone, a national energy market consultant, is providing staffing and technical support.