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Real Green Power

No Compromises

Renewable Power Direct – RPD®

We Make It Easier To Buy Green

RPD was created to lower the barriers for buying renewable power. As climate action becomes more urgent, we know that many electricity users would like to reduce their greenhouse gas footprints—they just need better options.

That’s where RPD comes in. When it comes to buying green power, we offer an alternative to both on-site installations, such as roof-top solar, and complicated 15 to 20 year agreements for off-site renewable energy, such as wind farms.

At RPD, we tailor renewable power purchases to your needs. We buy the renewable electricity for you from proven off-site generators and then deliver the energy based on flexible 3 to 10 year wholesale service contracts. You also get the associated Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). We think that will be good for your budget and good for the environment too.

How RPD Works

It's all about connecting green buyers and sellers.

We’ve created a custom supply chain to provide users with the clean power they want. Watch our video to learn more.

Buying Green Power

Custom multi-year contracts tailored to your needs

We offer flexible 3 to 10 year contracts for electricity, plus the associated RECs, from proven generators. The power is directly sourced from renewable facilities and delivered to customers over the existing transmission system. That allows our customers to buy the actual electricity they need from renewable sources, rather than merely buying RECs to offset the carbon footprint of the power they purchase from the local electric grid.

You can buy all your power from RPD. Or your existing retail provider can handle the balance of your power needs. In either case, customers can generally maintain their existing billing arrangements.

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